Protests Persist in Syria

In light of monumental change in Libya following Muammer Qaddafi’s diminished rule, Syrians remained persistent in their plight for their regime to step down, while the crackdown continued with eight protesters killed on Friday according to activists.

Various footage uploaded on social media sites showed anti-government demonstrations in the capital, Damascus, as well as the towns of al-Qaboun, Homs, and Deraa in the south. However al-Arabiya cannot independently verify the content of such footage.

Despite recent claims by President Bashar al-Assad that tanks have withdrawn and the crackdown has stopped, but according to state television and activists, protesters are still being shot by military forces.
Since the beginning of August, tanks have entered the cities of Hama, Deir al-Zor, and Latakia.

The president has refused to succumb to Western influences despite receiving international condemnation and sanctions, while protesters continue demanding reforms.

According to the UN, 2,200 civilians have died from violent crackdowns nationwide since the unrest began in March.

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