As Muslims Celebrate Eid Somalia Struggles

Eid al-Fitr dawned on Somalia but for many people it did little to alleviate their terrible conditions.

Most of Mogadishu’s residents have been displaced by war, and thousands of southern inhabitants were forced to relocate to the capital to escape the tough drought that hit their areas and killed their cattle.

They hoped to find in the capital some respite from starvation.
Nuria Moallem is just one of the people who recently fled from southern Somalia because of the famine. Two of her children died from starvation a few days ago and has nothing to cheer about during the holiday, especially as she is barely able to feed her remaining children.

“We live in very hard conditions and I cannot feel the joy of this Eid. I look forward to getting the basics necessities at home” she said.

This woman and many other families in this camp, are up against their greatest challenges. Their lives depend on aid through charity.
As they celebrate Eid amidst this scenario they are hopeful that the next holiday will bring their families some happiness.

Despite the odds, relief agencies are still trying to help families in need.
In this camp, which the World Assembly of Muslim Youth supervises, clothes have been distributed to hundreds of poor families.

One of the directors of the organization, Omar Ali Bawab, said: “We came today to distribute some gifts and clothes for children in order to help them celebrate Eid”.

Mohammad, a young boy, holding Eid clothes that the organization had offered him, expressed his joy. “I am very happy because they gave me clothes so I can share the joy of Eid with my family” he said.

Adapted by: Sarah Sfeir

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