Tripoli: Largest Suburb Damaged

Tajura, one the largest cities in Tripoli suburbs, was an important rebel stronghold and was brutally attacked by Qaddafi forces.

Abdel Razzak’s wife was killed on her Tajura balcony when Qaddafi fighters shot her dead; the couple had three children.

“Children were throwing stones at Qaddafi's forces, who then opened fire. My wife was looking from the window, she received a bullet in the head and she died.,” said Abdel Razzak.

Many areas of the city have been damaged, and when one walks through the city toward the water – past industrial areas – you eventually reach a touristic beach that was the site of a camp for Qaddafi forces. In addition, NATO forces bombed military camps in Tajura that had been establish by Qaddafi's son Khamis.

Though rebel forces now control the city, fuel and bread shortages remain.

Translation: Stanela Khalil

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