Schools Reopen in Libya

Schools across Libya have reopened this week after months of unrest had forced them to shut down until the violence ceased.

Children attending the Fayha school in the capital, Tripoli, were greeted with a new clean environment, and some were carrying the NTC flags, while others sang revolutionary songs.

Moofidha Nashoush, headmistress at the school, conveyed the new sense of freedom Libya is experiencing.

"On the first day of school, there is a huge difference from before. By one million percent, you can feel the freedom, the victory, you can breathe the freedom, I cannot express it, we wish we could sleep in our schools, because we love our country,"

The national uprising to oust Moammer Qaddafi began over six months ago spear headed by the then opposition the National Transitional Council which is now the country’s interim governing body and on the path to restructuring Libya.

Meanwhile, in Yemen, still amidst civil unrest, a new campaign has been launched to encourage more families to enroll their children in school despite severe economic strife the country experiences.


Moofidha Nashoush - School headmistress


Ikram Al Yacoub

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