Traces of Old Libyan Regime to be Removed

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Libyan oil company staff and many senior energy officials demonstrated in Tripoli's main square on Friday calling for corrupt officials of the old regime to be removed from their current jobs.

Protestors believe the country’s enormous oil earnings were mainly used to fund the corrupt system of Colonel Qaddafi and his sons. They called for future state earnings to be spent on infrastructure such as education and healthcare, and they also wanted to track the missing billions of the past.

Sami Sharif, a computer engineer said,"We need to ask them where did you spend our money before and then we need to replace them with young people who have plans to build our country."

Energy officials purported that when oil reached 145 dollars a barrel in 2008 corrupt official at the National Oil Corporation, began selling oil on the black market in order to make their own interest profitable.

Salam Enawad, Senior Manager of Libya's National Oil Cooperation said, "What these young people and as seniors as my colleague here said are here to express that it is time the NOC also underwent the change that is undergoing throughout the country."

It's not just the oil industry that wants a clean start. Many doctors called for the entire hospital system to be cleansed of senior management who earned their positions not by merit but through loyalty to Qaddafi.

The situation is similar at universities. As school starts, Libyan students spent their first day of the new semester cleaning out the campus of all traces of their former leader and books related to his teachings. Their next demand was that all Qaddafi appointed directors step down or be forcibly removed from their positions.

Sami Sharif, a computer engineer
Salam Enawad, Senior Manager of NOC