Women Protest in Yemen

On Monday, Yemeni women took to the streets of Sana’a chanting slogans against President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s continued rule.

Saleh returned on Friday from Saudi Arabia, where he had gone to seek treatment for injuries sustained in an attack in June. He called for elections and a "peaceful exchange of power" in a televised speech on Sunday. But his failure to promise to step down fuelled more anger on the streets of Sanaa, where protests have raged since January and resulted in the death of more than 450 people.

Shafiga, member of the opposition national council said, "We are tired of this president, with his decisions, with his lies. Right now this is a people's revolution - it's a revolution of the youth, a peaceful revolution and it will remain peaceful until this president is gone completely."

In the past week about 100 people have died in fighting between heavily armed Saleh loyalists and those opposed to him. Some women carried posters of men killed in the unrest.

Jamilla Ahmed Ghaleb, a protestor said, "Ali Abdullah Saleh has ruled us for 33 years and created within us fear, and now he is the one that has killed the fear in us. We are not afraid, we are not afraid at all ... We have emerged a ruthless power that will astound the world and will be recorded by history, and the strength of the Yemeni people will become an example."

The protesters accuse the president and his family of widespread corruption and failing to address the escalating poverty and enforcing effective gun laws in the country.

Yemen is fighting insurgences in the north and south as well as a wing of al-Qaeda eager to exploit the chaos.

Jamilla Ahmed Ghaleb, a protestor
Shafiga, member of the opposition national council

Eman ElShenawi
Nadia Idriss Mayen

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