Discussions On Palestinian Statehood

On Monday, the UN Security Council met behind closed doors to discuss the Palestinian application for full U.N. membership which was handed to them on Sept 23.

According to those who attended the meeting, no decision was reached between the divided 15-nation body which is reviewing the application.

"The process has started and we hope that the security council will shoulder its responsibility and address this application with a positive attitude especially since 131 countries have recognized the state of Palestine so far," said Palestinian Ambassador to the United Nations Riyad Mansour.

"Everything is in place, the verdict was loud and clear in the general assembly when our president gave that historic speech and we hope that the Security Council will synchronize itself with this moment of history and allow Palestine to become a member of the United Nations," he added.

Israel’s ally United States is determined to use its veto in rejecting Abbas’s application but if Palestinians receive nine votes in favor of the application, they will receive UN membership.

"We all know that in the Security Council this is an exercise in which there will be tremendous pressure by certain countries on members of the Security Council but we have faith in many members of the Council. The relationship between us and our friends is a solid relationship and they admire the codes of Palestine; they are supportive of justice for the Palestinian people," said Mansour.

The Palestinians have already signaled that they will not accept the Quartet proposals unless Israel halts settlements, something the Jewish state is seen as highly unlikely to do.

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