Violence Escalates in Yemen

Yemeni tribesmen allegedly shot down a military plane north of the capital, Sanaa, on Wednesday.

State television accused Islamist militants, as well as military defectors, for the attack.

Meanwhile, protests against Yemeni President Ali Abdulla Saleh continued in Sanaa, as demonstrators demanded that he be tried in court.

Residents also demanded that he give up his power and warned him against nepotism.

Demonstrators numbering in the thousands took to the streets in seemingly peaceful protests after a two- week period of increased crackdowns on protesters.

The neighborhood of Kentaki, located in the capital, has borne the brunt of the crackdown clashes, and bullet holes are visible on many buildings there.
Locals are now concerned about their safety, wondering if it’s safe to return home.

Loyalist soldiers said opposing forces had captured the town and built a barricade out of sandbags. It has now been recaptured by the government, and the sandbags have been taken down.

Recent shootings have claimed around 100 lives, as international pressure mounts on the Yemeni president to step down.

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