Qaddafi spokesman Mussa Ibrahim captured outside Sirte ‘dressed as a woman’

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Muammar Qaddafi’s spokesman Mussa Ibrahim was captured on Thursday outside of the former Libyan strongman’s hometown of Sirte, field commanders from the new regime told AFP.

“Misrata fighters contacted us and gave us the information that Mussa Ibrahim has been captured,” said Mustafa bin Dardef, of the National Transitional Council’s Zintan Brigade.

Another commander, Mohammed al-Marimi, said: “Mussa Ibrahim was captured while driving outside Sirte by fighters from Misrata.”

He said there were reports that Ibrahim was dressed as a woman, but could not immediately confirm that.

Ibrahim had been the public voice of the Qaddafi regime until NTC fighters overran Tripoli on Aug. 23.

Despite fleeing the capital along with the deposed despot, he has continued to issue statements through Syrian-based Arrai television from an unknown location, although not as frequently.

On Friday, Ibrahim had appealed for resolve against “agents and traitors,” denounced what he called “genocide” by NATO and its “Libyan agents,” and criticized the world community for “inaction.”

Commander Dardef gave no other details about his reported capture, choosing to concentrate on the battle for Sirte.

“The Misrata Military Council and our representatives will meet later today to discuss the next strategy for capturing Sirte,” Dardef told AFP.