Tombs in Israel Defaced with Graffiti

Dozens of gravestones in neighboring Muslim and Christian cemeteries were found vandalized on Saturday in the central city of Jaffa, an old area in the Israeli capital, Tel Aviv.

At least five tombs were destroyed while 20 others were covered in anti-Arab graffiti with phrases like “Death to Arabs” and “Price Tag” spray painted in Hebrew.

The phrase “Price Tag” is a term used to denote acts of vengeance usually committed by Jewish extremists against Palestinians or their properties in the West Bank.

Those opposed to the removal of the settlements have vowed to counter any action Israel may take in displacing settlements in the West Bank.

"The people of Yaffa (Jaffa) will not let this happen, will not sit down and see that a group of Fascists come in to our community, come in to our neighborhood and destroy and vandalize our graveyards," said a local resident.

Jaffa is home to Jews and Arabs, as well as Muslims and Christians.

The price-taggers have also burnt mosques and looted Israeli and Palestinian properties on separate occasions.

On October 3, a mosque in a Bedouin village was torched and covered in graffiti.

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