Last Updated: Mon Oct 10, 2011 14:03 pm (KSA) 11:03 am (GMT)

From Kuwait Times: Philippine envoy denies maid ban

Philippines’ Ambassador to Kuwait yesterday denied a report that Manila is officially banning Filipino domestic workers from coming to the country to work. Ambassador Shulan Primavera told Kuwait Times in a phone interview yesterday that the reports were untrue.

Several sources reported yesterday that Manila had officially announced that it was suspending the process of sending Filipino domestic workers to Kuwait indefinitely until new legislation is introduced to protect these workers. The ambassador rejected these claims, however, saying, “The last update I received from the team that visited Kuwait last week was that the committee in the House of Representatives will review the Migrant Workers Act. So far, as we're talking, we haven’t received any official statement or information from Manila, and all of my sources are denying it [that an official announcement has been issued].” …

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