Muslim foreigners attend Hajj pilgrimage

The presence of Western people next to the walls of the Prophet’s mosque confirms that “Islamophobia” has not prevented those whom God wanted to guide from following the Islamic religion, and proves that European people know more about Islam than their governments do.

A Belgian Muslim pilgrim said he was pleased to attend Hajj, "I'm very happy when I see the people from all over the world and the Muslims are all like one body."

Serious desire to perform Hajj is spreading among new Muslims; therefore, most of them come in small groups or even individually. They sit in the corners of “Yathrib”, invoking the Hegira, and record every moment in “al-Tayba, also known as al-Madina city”.

“I saw pictures from Madina and Mecca on the internet and the Television. Then I came here and the Hotel is close by. I feel great and close to god and spiritual. It’s an unbelievable feeling,” said a German Muslim pilgrim.

That is a motto that all Western Muslims agree on, promising to be the ambassadors in their countries against the movements trying to distort the real image of Islam.

"Here in Madina and Mecca the city is surrounded by hotels. It is very big and I am surprised asking where the children and women are. So I asked the people on the street where the children and women are," said a Belgian Muslim woman.

History shows that men and women from Western countries, such as the guests in this report, have in many cases contributed to Islam more than Arabs have.

Author: Saoud al-Khalaf, Medina

Translated from Arabic by Sarah Sfeir

Voice: Nadia Idriss Mayen

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