Last Updated: Thu Nov 10, 2011 16:59 pm (KSA) 13:59 pm (GMT)

Egyptian pipeline blown up for the sixth time


A gas pipeline in Northern Sinai connecting Egypt, Israel and Jordan was blown up by alleged saboteurs on Thursday.

According to Egyptian security, the blast was the result of remote-controlled bombs. One source told Reuters that the saboteurs utilized two trucks to carry out the attack.

This was the first explosion since the flow of gas resumed on October 24, and the sixth in the space of a year.

A 20-year contract between Egypt and Israel that ensured the latter would receive imports of natural gas has been criticized by the public and critics, who charge that the price paid by Israel is too low.

On the other hand, last month, Egypt doubled the price of exported gas to Jordan.

This month, Egyptian security officials announced that the country would boost security around the pipeline by installing alarms and appointing Bedouins to security patrols.

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