Turkey provides education for Syrian refugee children

The Turkish Ministry of Education is ensuring that thousands of Syrian refugee children are provided with teachers and classrooms so they are able to learn and be able to integrate into the local community.

Turkey wants to assure that the displaced Syrian children, who have fled their country because of the unrest there, are able to receive the education they need.

More than 2,000 Syrian children are being taught in the Hatay province, a panhandle Turkish territory along the Mediterranean coast.

Classes are being taught in Arabic, art, sciences and math to pre-school, primary school and secondary students.

Mustafa Abbas, a Syrian boy attending school in Hatay, said that the recommencement of his education has helped him make new friends and learn Turkish.

"We've met lots of people, we didn't used to know anybody, now we know lots of people from Deir al-Joz, from Jableh, from Khirbet al-Jozeh, now we know lots of people. When we first got to Turkey, we didn't know anyone, we couldn't speak the language, we didn't know anything, we used to sit in the house without moving, without going in or out. Now we know Turkish and we come and go," said Mustafa.

Radwan Hamoudi, another Syrian student, said he was also grateful for the opportunity to learn.

"We came to Turkey because we were dispersed by Bashar al-Assad. Here – God keep our teachers – they opened a school for us, and we're studying in it. It's good, it's better than sitting at home without learning anything," said Radwan.

Turkey, which borders Syria, has criticized the Syrian president for his bloody crackdown on anti-government protests.

Turkey has suspended all financial dealings with Syria and froze Syrian government assets as part of sanctions against Assad’s government.

The United Nations says at least 3,500 people have been killed thus far in the uprising, and the Syrian government says that 1,100 soldiers and police personnel have perished.

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