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From Arab News: Handicapped Saudis still suffer in marriage

JEDDAH: Handicapped persons in Saudi Arabia still suffer in terms of marriage and in many other areas of life, said Dr. Talal Al-Bakri, head of the social affairs committee in the Shoura Council.

Despite the fact that people with disabilities in Saudi Arabia have gained the right to study at government universities and work in both private and government sectors, many believe that they are still an ignored group of society in terms of marriage.

Al-Bakri agrees with them: “Handicapped people face difficulties in almost every step they want to take. Society and the government have never given them their rights.”

He added, “Most families refuse to marry their healthy son or daughter to a handicapped person. One of the reasons is that the handicapped always suffers from financial problems. If the Ministry of Social Affairs facilitates loans to a handicapped and offers job opportunities with high fees, the society may change its view and accept the marriage of a handicapped to an able-bodied person.”

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