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From Saudi Gazette: Researcher gathers 1,000 rare documents on Makkah’s history

MAKKAH – A young researcher in Makkah history is not yet 35 years old, but has already gathered over 1,000 documents about the city. These are brimming with facts and secrets that would have remained lost forever to those interested in the history of Makkah.

Hussam Bin Abdul Aziz Makkawi told Okaz/Saudi Gazette that he started collecting these documents in 1999 while writing a biography of a historical figure from Makkah. Since then he has spent 12 years visiting hundreds of residents and gathering documents that shed light on many well-known families. These include information on life in the city many centuries ago up to descriptions of house interiors 150 years ago.

Makkawi is keen to preserve the historical documents which are authentic and highly revealing. “Through these documents, we have found out who built some of the most well-known endowed buildings in Makkah. For example, we discovered the Egyptian Sultan Qayet Bye built the Al-Moshanshan Palace 880 Hijri years ago. The documents also give accurate information about the dates of death of important figures in the history of the city.”

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