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From Almasry Alyoum: Military-owned factories threaten farmers’ livelihoods in Fayoum

Photographed by other .
Photographed by other .

Smoke from three Fayoum factories officially inaugurated last October by Egypt's de-facto ruler Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi is creating an environmental disaster, not only ruining agricultural production but also killing scores of animals, according to residents of the area surrounding the factories.

The inauguration of the factories, which produce phosphoric acid, aluminum sulfate and fertilizers in the industrial region of Kum Osheem off the Cairo–Fayoum Road, was part of celebrations for the 38th anniversary of Egypt's 6th of October military victory over Israel.

All three factories belong to the military-owned Nasr Company for Chemicals, which was established in 1975 to produce chemicals, fertilizers and household pesticides.

Tantawi's visit was the the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) chief's first since the 25 January uprising.

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