Yemen battling gas shortages

Recent severe gasoline shortages in Yemen have been added to the list of the country’s woes.

Frustrated residents of the country have been complaining about the resulting spike in gasoline prices.

Since oil pipelines in the country were damaged, in November, Yemen has been receiving fuel supplies from neighboring countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Gas stations across the capital, Sana’a, have been forced to close because of the lagging supply of gasoline and the resulting shortage. With only two remaining stations in operation, the patience of drivers waiting to refuel is wearing thin.

One driver said he waited for two hours for 13 liters of gasoline at $10. He added that people have been demanding help from the new government, because fuel is currently too expensive.

The new government, which has officially been in power since December 10, promised to repair the pipelines and resume normal supplies of gas, along with water and electricity.

A ministry representative said a large supply of gasoline to the stations late Tuesday would hopefully address the issue.

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