Arabian horses on display in Saudi Arabia

Royalty and horse lovers came together in Tebrak, Saudi Arabia, to watch and admire Arabian horses on show.

Now in its its fifth year, the annual Khalediah Horse Festival runs for five days at Khalediah farm, the headquarters of Prince Khalid Bin Sultan farms.

Zain al-Ma’ali, ridden by Mohammad al-Hemidi, won one of the races, leaving his trainer and jockey ecstatic and proud.

"There was competition from the horse Brsan and the horse Hamas. They are all good horses, but, thank God, we won and I'm more than happy," a beaming Mohammad al-Hemidi, the jockey who rode Zain al-Ma’ali, said after the race.

“Frankly, there was strong competition in the round, and competing horses were of the best quality. Our horse was a candidate for winning and thank God we won," said the horse’s owner and trainer.

"I came here today to see the racing. I am a big enthusiast of racing. This is a very excellent race -- lots of the Saudi desert-bred Arabian horse, which I am very interested in as part of our project in Saudi Arabia. It is just a wonderful evening, a wonderful venue, we are very pleased to be here," said Caren Rose, an American living in the country.

Hayat and her young daughter are also fans of horse racing.

"This is a very encouraging thing. I made my daughter ride horses since she was two months old. We love horses, it is our hobby," Hayat said. A variety of activities are are held at the festival focusing on the restoration of equestrian discipline and highlighting the importance of Arabian horses as part of the nation's history.

"The world champions arrived yesterday. This distinguishes the festival as being a forum for champions, be they champion horses or champion men," said Mutlaq al-Ghitani, the director-general of the Khalediah stables and a member of the festival's organizing committee.

On the first day of the festival an auction of pure-bred Arabian horses was held.

The organizers say the festival is not only designed to showcases the horses, but is also a great place for riders and trainers.

The festival also includes an international Arabian Horse Show that displays the beauty and elegance of the animal.

Saudi Arabia is recognized for training and producing prize Arabian horses.

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