Constructing the Kaaba

The holy Kaaba is indeed the centre of worship and source of overflowing pure lights.

It has been ordained by God as a sacred spot and the first monument to be built in stone.

Prophets Adam had set up its pillars while Abraham raised it with Ismail, his son and later the Quraysh would build it too.

Abdul Matlab Bin Hashem bestowed on it all types of ornaments and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, cleansed it for the first time in history after the Conquest of Mecca.

Kaaba has been destroyed and rebuilt time and time again.

“It was once destroyed during the era of Quraych before the Prophet’s mission, peace be upon him. Thus, Quraych tribe decided to rebuild the holy house. But they then said they wouldn’t build the house with the money that comes from interest or from white slave dowries or augury.

They decided to build it from their clean Halal money”, explained Dr. Khaled Babtin, member of Um Qura University teaching committee.

Kaaba is surrounded by three of the most holy secrets of Islam: the Black Stone, Abraham’s shrine and the well of Zamzam.

On the northern side of the Kaaba, there is a small door called the Door of Repentance that differs from the other more majestic external door.

Its four corners are adorned with white and colored marble emblazoned with Islamic inscriptions and a back layer of golden garments gives the place its imposing apparel.

“In the era of Omar Bin Al Khattab, may God be pleased with him, Al Kaaba used to be covered with the Kibat and under the Mamluks, it was covered with brocade whereas now, in the Saudi era it is covered with the finest type of silk, pure gold and silver”, said Nizar Abdul Aziz Al Shibi, Servant of the House of God.Three decorated wooden pillars stand in Kaaba’s center next to a metal column painted in silver where the structure’s gifts are suspended. Silver, copper and wrought glass lanterns hang from the ceiling.

Kaaba today teems with holiness, uniqueness and pure spiritual ambiance that continue to make it the ultimate destination of Muslims and a pilgrimage site they visit with their souls.

Translated by Stanela Khalil
Voice: Nadia Idriss Mayen

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