Niger recieves more Malian refugees fleeing Tuareg violence

Djibril Oualid and his family are one of 2000 people who have escaped the Tuareg rebellion violence in the northern part of Mali, seeking refuge at Gaoudel in the Niger border village.

Men, women and children are seen resting under makeshift huts for shelter. These refugees are happy to be safe despite the limited provision of food, water and medical supplies.

Oualid said the rebels took everything away from them aside destroying their country.

"I think that this is still early days of their arrival here in Niger and as it is very normal during this first few days of course they have needs about food, the basics needs like access to water, sanitation and so on," said Janet Lim, assistant High Commissioner for the U.N. refugee agency UNHCR.

Although Niger is enduring a national food shortage and irregular rainfalls, the country continues to receive refugees with the help from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, by means of amenities distribution and setting up a new refugee camp to deal with incoming refugees.

Neighboring countries, Mauritania and Algeria, UN allies are also accommodating refugees, while a call for a ceasefire and negotiations continue.

According to Niger’s government an estimated 25,000 refugees are seeking refuge in Niger since the conflict initiated.

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