Al Arabiya launches Al Hadath channel

نشر في:

Al Arabiya TV channel launched on Saturday its new channel, Al Hadath in a bid to expand its news coverage and offer more political news.

“We are not offering a totally different station nor will the programs be controversy-free. Yet, I promise you will be watching an exciting channel that others would find hard to compete,” said General Manager of Al Arabiya TV, Abdulrahman Al Rashed.

Al Hadath will feature extensive news coverage, political discussion and documentaries, thereby allowing the mother station, Al Arabiya, to focus on its regular programs.

“The region has (so many) events that a big channel like Al Arabiya is not enough to cover it all,” Rashed added.

“The audience has great interest in current affairs in the region and the world, and that compelled us to offer an additional news service.”

Al Hadath will be managed by the same experienced team of Al Arabiya that will supervise news and political programs, giving the audience the choice between watching hard news or the regular Al Arabiya programming which includes business news and talk shows.

A new program called “Event of the Day” will offer two hours of detailed news coverage.

Another show “Cairo Studio” will be broadcast directly from the Egyptian capital at 7 p.m. GMT.

(Translated by Dina al-Shibeeb)