Mecca: The memory of the place

If, from the point of view of modern sciences, culture is the accumulated and constant effect of spiritual, moral, and intellectual knowledge as well as social heritage and the achievements of mankind, then Mecca is the campus of the world’s spiritual and moral culture and an integral part of human civilization across different eras.

In an atmosphere of holiness and sublimity, Mecca has emerged as a unique city in everything. It is home to all Muslims everywhere in the world, who have traveled to it with their rich cultures and diverse backgrounds. Together with the inhabitants of Mecca, they enriched it so that it became of the jewel of the Muslim nation.

"If you talk about a valley in Mecca, you will discover that another valley deserves the same attention, because it is related historically to the Prophet (pbuh). If you talk about a mountain, one of its many, you will only find that it is a witness to the Prophet’s message that came from this holy place," said Dr. Fawaz al-Dahhas, professor at Umm al-Qura University.

Here every wall has a story and every type of architecture boosts its own identity. They all came together throughout the centuries to create a meeting point of all forms of Islamic art.

Besides architecture, there are the old alleyways, the windows, the costumes as well as historic houses and traditional food let alone mosques and minarets.

All this shapes the memory of a highly sacred place that is revered by all humanity and celebrated like no other. It is a place that human beings vied to make more beautiful and proved how dedicated they can be in serving it and giving it their best.

This is Mecca: history and ancient culture. And these are the mountains surrounding it like enormous shells that house the most precious of Islamic jewels.

Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid
Voice: Nadia Mayen

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