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Assads’ Inbox: On constitutional advice

Subject: Programme for Sir Jeffery Jowell
From: Fawaz Akhras
Date: 6/24/2011 10:51 PM
To: sam

Dr Salim Jouresi, Constitutional Advisor to President Lahoud Beirut 03 XXX XXXX Prof Mohamed Nour Farhat, Professor of Constitutional Law.
Moderate Arab Nationalist, political activist and very well respected Cairo 00 201 XXX XXXX

Warmest FA
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On 24 Jun 2011, at 19:51, Fawaz Akhras wrote:

I had a discussion with Dr BS yesterday with regard to the
forthcoming visit of Sir Jeffery. I promised to ring back and tried
several times today to no avail I left a message in her office.

He is a very renowed constitutional expert and it is therefore very
important that his visit should carry the right signal. I was asked
to suggest few names of high ranking constitutional experts to meet
with him. I have thought about this and made a few enquiries. It
appears that we lack HR in this field in Syria.

In order to make the best of this visit I suggest that he should
meet with the experts that we have in Syria but more importantly a
committee of Syrian and a couple of Arab experts could put together
a programme for the visit.

I suggest president Lahoud's ex- constitutional expert Mr Jerisi and a couple of Arabist national Egyptian experts might be helpful as this will give weight to the constitutional reform.
I will try and call tonight

Warmest with my respect xx

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