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Assads’ Inbox: On Wikileaks allegations

Subject: FW: Michael Seamark URGENT - RE: Daily Mail FA
From: fawaz akhras
Date: 6/16/2011 7:05 PM
To: Asma Akhras



Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 15:37:31 +0100
Subject: RE: Michael Seamark URGENT - RE: Daily Mail FA

Mr Akhras,thank you for contacting me.

You are named in a US diplomatic cable, obtained by WikiLeaks, as being one of President Assad’s ‘ money men’ who plays a role in ‘facilitating regime graft.’

The cable, dated January 2008, identified you as one of four individuals the
President uses ‘to make and move money,’ and being ‘another avenue used by Assad to stash funds abroad.’

It notes your ‘assertiveness and willingness to use his son-in-law’s position to
advance his nascent Syria-based businesses’ and refers to ‘large amounts of funds that have begun to move recently’ through your accounts.
Do you have any comment to make about this?

Michael Seamark


Subject: Daily Mail FA
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2011 14:19:21 +0000

Dear Mr Seamark

I understand that you have been trying in contact me today and you wish to to put certain allegations to me for comments. Can you please immediatelye-mail me a copy of the "US Diplomatic Cable" and also with full details of the allegations you wish to put to me in order that I may have a proper opportunity to respond to you on an informed basis. I look forward to hearing from you urgently.

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

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