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Assads’ Inbox: On preparation for funerals


From: luna chebel
Date: 12/23/2011 5:31 PM

Greetings and condolences to the martyrs,

There is a state of anger and popular discontent that amounts sometimes to a state of wanting to fight a war or expel the mission of observers. The preparation for funerals tomorrow is finished with the confirmed presence of Christian and Muslim clerics from all religious communities as well as the Minister of Religious Endowment, Dr. al-Bouti, who will read the prayer on the martyrs. However, the Mufti will not attend and I indirectly asked the minister of religious endowment about him and he said he is in Aleppo but I couldn’t know if an invitation was sent to him or not. With all due respect to Dr. al-Bouti, his stances and religious value, I believe that the presence of the Mufti is necessary even if he does not conduct the prayer service for the martyrs because he is a very popular figure and more importantly, because he had lost a martyr, thus, he is the best placed to give a touching speech after al-Bouti especially that a huge public crowd will attend the funerals.

This is my opinion.

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