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Assads’ Inbox: On Hadeel making suggestions

Subject: Suggestions
From: Hadeel
Date: 26/11/2011 11:59

After our discussion today with Husam and his father, we see that we can contain sectarian cases at management appointments. (As Hussam explained to you the status of Tartus at his session and as I mentioned previously):

1- It is General Ali Hassan, although other names are good as well, but from knowing him personally, I think he is the right man for this phase and at this province, especially since he is the governor there. This is our proposal, but of course your decision will be final and the righteous one.

2- The other subject we talked about was the speech of the military spokesperson that appeared on TV yesterday in which he spoke about the assassination of the two pilots. We see this as a positive step and we hope that there will be frequent speakers on behalf of the army instead of TV channels defending the army reputation. It is better he appears after each operation to disprove other interpretations.

3- The leaked information about our military capabilities on the missiles that was aired on Juhaina site and Al-Manar channel was met positively and comforted the street. We hope to have more of this type of information. We know the importance of confidentiality in all what was said previously but there is no harm in sharing some of this information which is already known by the enemy, in order to boost their morale and strengthen their ideological spirits.

(The email was translated from Arabic by Ikram al-Yacoub)

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