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Assads’ Inbox: On the ‘West and Clinton’

Subject: Re: God Protects Syria- God protects our country
From: Ghayas akhras
Date: 8/5/2011 2:09PM
To: AK

I am sorry.
Even the West and Clinton are asking who the opposition is and what is its agenda and when will it reach an agreement.

2011/8/5 ghayas akhras:

My dear and precious,

Greetings of love and reverence
Thank you for your phone call.
When speaking on the phone, I always feel that I should end [the conversation] quickly in order not to waste your time.
It saddens me to read on Facebook conversations of the youth, their discussion on the web, and the chats of the educated Syrians in Paris when they asking for external help. It saddens me to see their lack of political … culture.

They cannot read and understand what conspiracy means, even in some of the objective newspapers here. As if they are fighting Israel, I know that that is a noble position, but they are mobilizing the youth while they are at home, holding talks in Doha.
They [rejected] the homeland. When I talked to one of them about my fear of ruining the country and homeland, he answered: is there a country or a homeland?

They are the fifth column; it upsets me to see their discussions on “Arabesque” web. Syria has always been the strongest fragment in history; do they want to distort it?

Syria has 23 million inhabitants. I counted (the major opposition leaders) who are speculating the revolution, and I found they were just eight ...

When one of their chiefs hides two British journalists [and moves a journalist] to another house because they snitched in secret, where’s the harm in that? It’s as if they are the resistance in Israel.

I am sorry that I exceeded the limits, because I am exasperated.
Even though Karim is here, half of my brain is here and the other half is in Damascus.


My tributes to your enormous efforts for this great country
I love you

(Translated from Arabic by Sarah Sfeir)

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