Syrian turtles demonstrate pace of humanitarian situation

Amateur footage uploaded onto a social media site recently shows a few turtles strapped with various objects, such a miniature gun, bullets, and ointments in a satircal display of the humanitarian situation in Syria. The turtles are a clear indication of the pace of aid being delivered to the people as the speaker elaborates in Arabic.

“After they noticed the killings and the massacres committed, Arab, foreign and Islamic states finally decided to send aid to the Syrian people. Residents of the town of Teh said: ‘We extend our thanks to these states for their notable quick action towards the Syrian people whose offering of food and medical aid as well as providing weapons to the Free Army is appreciated. The footage shows the means of action and how fast it is. Special thanks to Syrian friends and we say to them a friend in need is a friend indeed. They finally started to take action even if it is like this turtle that moves slowly slowly, They finally started to take action even if it was the same pace as this turtle that moves slowly. But the action will ensure some people get a chance to live.”

Al Arabiya cannot independently verify the content.

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