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From Egypt Independnet: An unexpected revolution makes for an extraordinary film

THESSALONIKI, Greece — The audience of the 14th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival watched on Sunday “1/2 Revolution,” a documentary by filmmakers Omar Shargawi and Karim al-Hakim about the 25 January revolution in Egypt. The Danish-Egyptian coproduction is the only Egyptian contribution in the festival.

Numerous documentaries have been made about the early days of the Egyptian revolution, so why does “1/2 Revolution” stand out? Does the film’s strength stem from the 11 eventful days the filmmakers documented during their stay in Cairo? Or was it rather the courage they, along with their families and friends, showed in the face of the unexpected events that seems to capture viewers so powerfully?

From 25 January until 5 February, Shargawi and Hakim roamed the streets of downtown Cairo, day and night, in a sincere attempt to understand what was happening by recording it. Throughout the film, they not take sides; they rather film protests and their experiences in them, without claiming to offer the whole truth.

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