An iPhone helps rescue two-year old boy in China

A two-year-old was rescued from the bottom of a narrow 40-foot dry well in a village near China‘s Mengzi City. (Al Arabiya)

Emergency services were called in a village near China‘s Mengzi City after a child was heard by passers crying from the bottom of a narrow 12-meter-deep dry well.

The rescue attempt got off to a worrying start as the young boy kept slipping out of rescue harnesses that were designed for adults.

But in a twist of ingenuity, the team lowered an Apple iPhone with a video camera into the 30-centimeter-wide well, allowing them to better see the boy’s position.

The close-up recordings were used to safely position the straps around his small body, which allowed the rescue team to pull the distressed child out of the well.

The young child was lifted out of the well after 10pm local time (12.00 GMT) on Saturday night, and rushed to a nearby hospital. The boy was not seriously hurt, but had incurred some bruises.

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