Mecca: Place and times

Modern Mecca

Muslims all over the world look towards Mecca as an icon, for it houses the most sacred of Islamic sites and has grabbed the attention of the world. The British Museum in London is holding the first exhibition of its kind under the title “Journey to the Heart of Islam” to explore the holy city. The King Abdul Aziz Public Library represents the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in this exhibition. The following report is about the characteristics of modern Mecca.

It is really the best of all cities and the heart of the Muslim nation and the entire world.

The spiritual grandeur of Mecca is inspired by its holiness. The place has never lost its authenticity, yet it has been making room for modernity to go hand in hand with history. Modern Mecca is like a beautiful piece of art with holiness at its center and the lively and bustling 21st century city at its periphery.

In this city that merges the holiness of rituals with the advancement of modernity there is a place for old houses, minarets, traditional markers as well as top-notch hotels overlooking the Grand Mosque, shopping malls, paved roads intersecting with state of the art bridges.

There is also the pilgrimage train that has recently adorned the city and this wonder: the clock that stands tall overseeing the Grand Mosque and bearing witness to a time and a place with no equal.

Translated from Arabic by Sonia Farid
Voice: Nadia Mayen

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