Palestinian mechanic creates vintage-style cars

A Palestinian car enthusiast and self-taught mechanic, can be found in the West Bank city of Hebron building vintage-style cars made from used car parts.

Farid Junidi said his passion lies in designing and constructing vintage cars.

The 50-year old creates unique vehicles that have got the town talking and heads turning when the car drives by.

“My idea was to create something unusual in the city, something that we do not have,” Farid said standing in his garage.

“The idea was also to show that we can create many things like cars, especially cars that you don’t normally see on the streets. I like my job and because I wanted people to know more about my job, I started to create these cars,” he said.

The ‘Junidi 1’ is the car enthusiast’s first invention, designed as well as built by the man himself, using very basic equipment like body repair tools and a welding machine from his garage.

This automotive masterpiece took eight months to build and holds a modern Nissan engine inside the body of the car but its exterior dates back to 1937.

Junidi says the car is part of many families’ happy memories as it was used during their wedding ceremonies.

“Young grooms use this car on their wedding day. We use the car to collect the bride on the wedding day,” he said.

The car is expected to attract people from the city of Hebron for special events such as weddings.

The ‘Junidi 1’ underwent an official test drive in February and can reach speeds of around 120 kilometers per hour.

Junidi said his car has already participated in an exhibition of vintage cars last year and is now working on another three vehicles.

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