‘Terrorist explosions’ in central Damascus, reports Syrian state TV

Syrian state television showed footage of heavy smoke rising near the Palace of Justice in Damascus after a reported bomb attack. (File photo)

Two bombs exploded outside the Palace of Justice in central Damascus on Thursday, wounding three people, according to Al Arabiya reports and Syrian state television.

“Two bombs exploded in the car park of the Palace of Justice in the al-Marjeh district of Damascus. A third did not explode,” the television said, describing the bombings as “terrorist” attacks.

A police source told AFP on condition of anonymity that two magnetic bombs exploded in two judges’ cars in the open-air car park, while a third was in the process of being defused.

State television showed footage of heavy smoke rising from the car park, as firefighters attempted to put out the flames.

A witness heard a loud explosion and saw black smoke rising from near the Palace of Justice, according to a Reuters report.

The car park is used by lawyers and judges working at the Palace of Justice, Syria’s highest court.

An uprising against President Bashar al-Assad that began with peaceful street protests 16 months ago evolved largely into an armed conflict after his forces continually attacked demonstrations. Rebel fighters are increasingly targeting symbols of a state they see as oppressive and autocratic.

On Wednesday, rebels stormed a pro-Assad Syrian television channel and militants have also targeted police and security personnel barracks. In April militants fired rocket-propelled grenades at the Central Bank building.

At least 30 people have been killed across Syria on Wednesday by security force gunfire, Al Arabiya reported citing Local Coordinating Committees in Syria.

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