Last Updated: Sun Sep 23, 2012 19:21 pm (KSA) 16:21 pm (GMT)

Kuwait police hunt for female ATM blackmailer

A Kuwaiti man withdraws cash from a Gulf Bank ATM. (AFP)
A Kuwaiti man withdraws cash from a Gulf Bank ATM. (AFP)

Kuwaiti police are searching for a woman who has reportedly blackmailed several people into giving her money to avoid humiliation, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

The suspect is believed to be in her 30s and has only targeted men after they withdraw money from ATM machines, the Gulf News reported.

The woman threatened the men she attacked that she would start shouting and would accuse them of sexually harassing her if they did not give her money.

“Pay money or end up in prison,” she reportedly told one victim.

A Kuwaiti daily reported, that the victims who complained to the police said that they gave her money to avoid avoiding a possible scandal.

The police are reportedly contacting banks and asking for surveillance video footage in a bid to identify the woman.

Street assaults are a very rare occurrence in Kuwait, especially by women.

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