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Overweight women can still find love

Muna Al-Fuzai

You know, in the world of media, they portray overweight women as always being heartbroken and unwanted simply because they are too big. The media all around the world ignores and despises them. But in real life, this is absolutely not true. Many of these women have found joy not only in love and marriage, but even in their professional lives and careers.

I personally believe they are less concerned as to what men think of, or prefer them to look like. So they set out to prove to themselves and to everyone that they can still make it without having slim figures and typical sexy looks that women are supposed to have.

I know a lot of these women who are very successful and happy. They do not bother themselves with thinking how gorgeous they are or not. Good for them. Their attempts at being what the media, people or others want them to look like is in itself a very tiring act and they prefer to keep themselves away from that headache. They would rather focus on what they want and what they have.

But then again, this is not the case with all women. Some feel depressed if they fail in their careers because they are overweight or worse, even fail to find a man to marry. Their main concern is that most handsome men usually prefer to marry slim and beautiful women. They are of the impression that they are not smart and fit enough for men to choose them as their life partners. For them, the words 'large women' simply does not exist in a man's dictionary.

Who would marry me if I was a large woman?" This is a question these women frequently ask themselves. But then, who says marriage is everything and the only thing that any and every woman must go through. And if that does not happen, is life over for them? A piece of advice to all these women: It is not necessary for a man to be a Brad Pitt lookalike; what is important is that he should be kind at heart and honest. Looks are important but not essential. It is not the end of life. I believe, being huge in
heart and body is far better than having a perfect body but lacking in kindness.

*Published in the KUWAIT TIMES on October 31, 2008. Muna Al-Fuzai is a staff columnist for the paper and can be reached at

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