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Did Hezbollah carry out the mission 213?

Nayla Tueni

It’s not surprising to know that the Syrian Intelligence service killed Gebran Tueni or other independence fighters, as the records of the Syrian regime are full of all types of crimes, as it killed, directly or through others, thousands of Lebanese opposing its policy aiming to cancel Lebanon as a sovereign entity, and most of all, Lebanon the mission of freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of acts, freedom of expression and freedom of the media.

That regime which is addicted to murder, after being forced to leave Lebanon in 2005 and the decline of its direct influence, has turned against its own people, as if its blood thirst isn’t quenched yet, so he started killing his opponents in cold blood, not sparing a toddler or an elderly, duplicating his deeds in Homs, Aleppo and all the cities of Syria. And here are the Syrian fortresses and archeological sites, a major tourist destination in the country of civilization, being transformed into wreck and debris, thanks to the regime which values the succeeding civilizations of thousands of years.

But the prime subject of the day, much more severe and harsh than the criminality of the Syrian regime, which has become an undeniable reality, is the mission 213 ordered on Dec. 10, 2005, and executed successfully, as says the report, on Dec. 12, 2005, which is the day when Gebran Tueni was murdered, while no other missions were reported on that day in “the brotherly Lebanon” as they call it. So, in an initial reading, the mission is the murder of Gebran Tueni, unless Mrs. Bouthaina Chaaban proved the opposite in a responsible tone, on the contrary of the “Lebanese quarrels” as she described them yesterday.

And what hurts more than the crime-mission 213, is what was written in the cable “with the help of the intelligence service of the Lebanese Hezbollah, the mission 213 which was entrusted to them on Dec. 10, was accomplished successfully.”

At this point, I don’t know what to say. I will not be surprised to know that Hezbollah or other parties or personalities are involved in murder crimes or in transporting explosives and such, and we are at present witnessing similar chapters in the case of the former minister Michel Samaha, but I don’t know what does Hezbollah expect from me? Will I be able today or tomorrow, to shake hands with an MP or receive one of their officials, or even believe what they say, and what they preach of moral and religious values?

Hezbollah might have today to take the initiative to “deny” this accusation, and go on in helping the investigators with the capabilities it has, and accept the international tribunal and defend itself in court, because the image it was building for years is collapsing in seconds, against the flood of documents and confessions and Hezbollah fighters who are killed, not while defending their homeland Lebanon, but while defending a Syrian regime who killed their co-Lebanese citizens.

Today, I recall the funerals of Gebran, seven years ago, to reaffirm to my honorable Lebanese family that the rooster of “An-Nahar” will keep on shouting the truth, until revealing in public the killers of Gebran and all independence fighters, but we will not have recourse to the streets or block the airport road or kidnap anyone, as this is not our style; but we will announce, more than ever, our full attachment to the international tribunal, and we will reconfirm our attachment to the state’s institutions and provide them with the necessary support to fulfill their duties in protecting their own citizens and the disarmament of illegal weapons which oppose the aspirations of building a sovereign state.

The writer is a columnist at the Lebanon-based An-Nahar newspaper, where this article was published on Oct. 8, 2012

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